George Boyd - 5th Degree Senior Master

MRTL MVMT Certified Coach


Master Boyd embarked on his martial arts journey in 1976 while residing in Honolulu, Hawaii. His training commenced at a local Karate Program situated in Mokulele Elementary School. However, due to relocation with his father to Virginia, his training had to be temporarily put on hold. Nevertheless, he resumed his martial arts education when he joined the American Tae Kwon Do Association in Jacksonville, Florida, during his time stationed at Naval Air Station Cecil Field in the Navy.

In 2003, Master Boyd expanded his repertoire by enrolling in Tang Soo Do classes under the guidance of Master Greg Phillips in New Port Richey. Through his affiliation with the World Tang Soo Do Association, he participated in numerous Local, Regional, and World Championships, showcasing his skills on a global stage. It was in Jacksonville, Florida, where he achieved the esteemed rank of Black Belt in 2005. Furthermore, Master Boyd contributed to the security team for Grandmaster Jae C. Shin during the Region 21 tournament held in New Port Richey.

Master Boyd's passion for martial arts extended beyond personal achievements, as he dedicated himself to teaching programs at the Boys & Girls Club and Calvary Chapel in New Port Richey. Additionally, he pursued training in other martial arts disciplines such as Hapkido, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and Uechi Ryu. Prior to returning to New Port Richey, he operated a martial arts school in Tampa, Florida. Ultimately, Master Boyd, together with Master Chad Wynn, established the Next Level Warrior Training Center in New Port Richey.

At present, Master Boyd occupies various roles within the realm of martial arts and fitness. He serves as a Martial Arts Instructor, specializing in human movement, and also as a Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach, guiding individuals towards optimal physical well-being.

Chad Wynn - 5th Degree Senior Master 


Master Chad Wynn embarked on his martial arts journey at the age of 16 in 1992, hailing from New Bern, North Carolina. He initially immersed himself in the art of Shorin Ryu and dedicated two years to its study. However, in 1997, he enlisted in the U.S. Army, where he was introduced to Tae Kwon Do. Concluding his military service, Master Wynn sought a martial arts school in his newly adopted hometown of New Port Richey, Florida.

In 2003, his path led him to the discovery of Tang Soo Do, which ignited a profound passion within him. Together with his young son, who was then five years old, Master Wynn commenced his study of Tang Soo Do under the guidance of Master Greg Phillips.

Master Wynn's commitment and perseverance bore fruit in 2005 when he attained his 1st Dan black belt. Shortly thereafter, he obtained his instructor certification, enabling him to share his profound knowledge and love for the art by becoming a teacher. Master Wynn continued his training under Master Phillips, progressing to the 3rd Dan level. In 2014, alongside his training partner, Master George Boyd, he co-founded Next Level Warrior Training Center, a martial arts school in New Port Richey.

His expertise and contributions to the martial arts community were recognized when he received an invitation to the inaugural Master Clinic hosted by the United Tang Soo Do Association, extended by Kwon Jang Nim Kevin Case. The following year, Master Wynn underwent rigorous testing and earned the esteemed rank of Master.

Master Wynn's accomplishments extend beyond his rank advancements. He has served as a High School Track Coach and holds certifications as a Personal Trainer. Additionally, he has achieved the 1st Dan level in Hapkido and the 4th Dan level in Tang Soo Jitsu under the tutelage of KJN Cintron. His prowess and dedication have garnered several Grand Championships in various categories, including sparring, kata, and weapons. Furthermore, his diverse training includes the study of Uechi Ryu and Tai Ji Chaun, adding depth and versatility to his martial arts repertoire.

Chuck Nagel - 3rd Degree Black Belt

Sensei Nagel embarked on his Uechi Ryu journey in 1980 under the guidance of instructor Ted Kresge in St. Petersburg, Florida. Mr. Kresge himself had trained with George Mattson, the trailblazer who became the first American to attain a black belt in Uechi Ryu Karate.

During those formative years, Sensei Nagel actively participated in tournaments across the state, including the prestigious US Open Karate tournament. Esteemed as the largest karate tournament in the United States, it attracted an impressive gathering of 1,500 to 2,500 competitors. Notably, this event was initiated by Sensei Nagel's mentor, Ted Kresge. Demonstrating his exceptional skills, Sensei Nagel excelled in kumite, claiming the championship, and showcased his talent in forms, consistently securing a position among the top three participants. His achievements extended beyond the US Open Karate tournament, as he triumphed in numerous other competitions, showcasing his prowess in board breaking, sparring, and forms.

While serving as an assistant instructor at one of Mr. Kresge's local schools, Sensei Nagel's training took a new turn when his instructor retired. He sought further enlightenment under the tutelage of Ric Martin in Largo, Florida.

Over the course of his martial arts journey, Sensei Nagel ventured into various disciplines, including Tae Kwon Do and Ishin Ryu, before ultimately immersing himself in Tang Soo Do in 2012. Master Gregory Phillips became his instructor during this period. Despite the opportunity to begin his training at an advanced rank, Sensei Nagel made a deliberate choice to start as a white belt, desiring to learn from the foundation and share the experience with his son. It was during this time that he crossed paths with Masters Chad Wynn and George Boyd, both influential figures in his martial arts odyssey.

In 2014, Sensei Nagel joined Masters Wynn and Boyd as one of their initial students when they established their own martial arts school. His unwavering commitment and dedication led him to earn his black belt in Tang Soo Do in 2016. A distinguished panel, comprising a 6th Dan and three 4th Dan Masters, alongside a 3rd Dan black belt, conducted the rigorous testing. Following this accomplishment, Sensei Nagel assumed an instructor role at the Next Level Warrior Training Center, where he integrated elements from his root style, Uechi Ryu, into the curriculum and student experience.

Despite his full-time responsibilities in the healthcare sector as an Imaging Director and Ethics and Compliance Officer, Sensei Nagel continues his lifelong pursuit of martial arts training with NLWTC.

Shawn Neal - 5th Degree Black Belt

Master Shawn Neal, a dedicated practitioner of martial arts who embarked on his training journey at a tender age. With an impressive 5th Degree Black Belt in Tang Soo Jitsu, Master Neal's expertise extends beyond a single discipline. He holds a remarkable 3rd Degree Black Belt from K.A.T.U. - I.T.F. and a commendable 1st Degree Black Belt from A.T.A.

In addition to his profound knowledge and skill in martial arts, Master Neal has made significant contributions to the healthcare field. As a seasoned professional, he has applied his expertise to benefit others in need.

Driven by his passion for martial arts and a desire to share his wisdom, Master Neal is the proud owner and creator of SineWave TaeKwonDo. Through his esteemed establishment, he offers personalized training experiences to individuals and small groups, ensuring focused attention and effective instruction for each student.

With a wealth of experience and a dedication to the art form, Master Shawn Neal continues to inspire and shape the lives of aspiring martial artists through his expertise and unwavering commitment to excellence.