Warrior Martial Arts Academy

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(Ages 8-12)      /       (Ages 13+)

The Warrior Martial Arts Academy offers a comprehensive martial arts program based on the Korean art of Tang Soo Do. Our instructors guide students through a structured curriculum, emphasizing the development of physical techniques, mental discipline, and traditional martial arts values. With a focus on personal growth and character development, our program empowers students to become confident, respectful, and resilient individuals, both on and off the mat.

See our WHAT WE TEACH Page for more informtion about the styles we teach. 


(Ages 4-10)

The Way of the Warrior Kid program is an inspiring journey for children aged 3-9, designed to unlock their full potential through martial arts and movement. Our structured 10-week curriculum focuses on developing Essential Physical Techniques, Mental Attributes, and Martial Arts Qualities, tailored to three age groups: Littles (3-4), Juniors (5-6), and Kids (7-9). Through fun, engaging activities and a supportive environment, we foster confidence, discipline, and resilience, empowering children to become the heroes of their own stories.

These classes are Tuesday & Friday Nights.

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MRTL MVMT (Martial Movement)

MRTL MVMT is a groundbreaking martial arts philosophy that challenges individuals to unleash their body's full potential. We offer a transformative journey that transcends traditional boundaries, integrating rigorous physical training with mental and emotional development. Our holistic approach, rooted in the principles of flow psychology and the warrior spirit of Bushido, cultivates discipline, focus, and resilience. Join us to break free from limitations, achieve peak performance, and discover a profound sense of purpose and self-actualization.

These classes are Tuesday & Friday Nights